Business Acquisition and Divestment

Do you need support through the process of business acquisitions and disposals?

Our experienced team of professionals are at hand to help you through the process.  Obtaining the most commercially viable and tax effective outcomes.  Preparing businesses for the sale process goes hand in hand with one of our philosophies of "start with the end in mind".  We can help with valuing and appraising acquisition targets including the process of due diligence.

Business Acquisitions

Business acquisitions should create value.  However, researchers have found that over 70% of business acquisitions fail to create value.  Our team can help with the process of ensuring a smooth and successful acquisition.  Our team will help to look at the financial analysis of an acquisition, helping with the decision making process as to whether to proceed or reject and at what price, we can also help to look at whether there is value creation. 

Business Disposal

The disposal process starts after the business owner has decided to sell the business.  There are a variety of reasons why the business sale is taking place and the preparation required and due diligence during this process can be time consuming and detailed.   Our team will be able to provide helpful advice during the disposal process and useful tips to help prepare the business for sale, by being prepared you will be in a better position to negotiate the terms and price of the sale.  Tax planning is also required to ensure the tax is minimised.   

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