Issuing electronic payslips

August 15, 2014

123rf - payElectronic payslips are becoming an increasingly attractive option for employers as they allow for ease of delivery and can significantly reduce administrative costs.

Employers are required to provide employees with a payslip within one day of the end of the previous pay cycle. If you fail to meet your payslip and record keeping requirements, you may face a fine of up to $510 per contravention for individuals and $2550 per contravention for a body corporate.

If you wish to begin using an electronic payslip system then there are several compliance issues that you should be aware of:

• Electronic payslips are required to contain all of the same information as a paper payslip
• The payslips must be issued to each employee confidentially. For example via email or some form of online account
• The electronic payslips must be easily accessible from outside the workplace and be in an easily printable format

Additional advantages of electronic payslips include a reduction in paper consumption, the ability for employees to review their payslip history easily, and instant remote access to payroll information.

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