Reducing your energy costs

August 7, 2014

123rf - Reducing energy costs

Energy costs can be an enormous drain on your resources, and it is more than likely that the cost of electricity will continue to rise. This article will give you some tips about reducing your electrity costs.

Reducing your energy consumption will save you money on your electricity bill. It can also be an exciting opportunity for you to promote your green credentials as part of a marketing initiative.

An easy place to start is by progressively investing in energy efficient appliances. While the initial cost of this might seem steep, it can quickly pay for itself as your electricity bills are significantly reduced.

If you want to monitor changes to your energy consumption, you should benchmark your current electricity use. You should always consider your bills seasonally, using the corresponding quarterly bill from the previous year. This can also give you a clear indication of any cooling or heating devices that are energy inefficient.

If you want to invest in long-term energy reduction, you may want to consider renewable energy. For businesses considering a switch to solar power, there are a wide range of commercial solar rebates, grants, low interest loans and tax breaks that are worth investigating.


With energy costs rising it is important to review your home and business accounts as soon as possible.

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