Business Benchmarks

Business Benchmarking provides you with the competitive information and statistical analysis you need to make sound strategic decisions for the future. 

Successfully growing a business within a competitive economic environment can be risky and complex.  At Leenane Templeton we have taken much of the guesswork out of business strategy by delivering an analysis that gives you valuable, accurate information on what is driving the success in your industry and what needs to be done to copy that success.

Our unique consulting tool allows scenario modeling to show you how incremental changes to your operational drivers can impact the bottom line and your competitive position.  You gain considerable insight by benchmarking your company against peers in your industry across all areas including profitability, productivity, salary analysis, financial ratios.

Our benchmarking reports cover a wide range of industries from Architects to Veterinary hospitals,  Builders to Concreting, Plasterers to Psychiatrists and many more.

Our aim is to develop, test and recommend new strategies for your business growth by accessing industry information that is both comprehensive and accurate.

Newcastle Business benchmarking

Boost your competitive advantage with our Business Accounting Benchmarking Solution.

Business Benchmarking Questions & Answers

I’m only a small business and this sounds quite technical, why would it help?

The information you receive can save years of hard work understanding the best ‘settings’ for your business. The information we provide is easy to understand and will give a unique insight into how you compare to your industry peers, covering areas such as finance, production, profit, salary’s.  We then discuss with you the opportunities within your business.

Where does the information come from?

We have access to an online resource that has provided indepth benchmarking information to industry groups, government organisations and commercial businesses for the past 40 years.  This leading edge technology then takes the information to an exciting new level.  The data we use is up to date, accurate and absolutely integral to your management process.

Can you provide a profile of my industry?

We have a large selection of industry profiles from Architects to Women’s Wear.  These give a detailed review of your industry, from the market to operational and performance information and much more.

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