Financially Well Organised

Do you have any of these 5 concerns?


  • Am I maximising my wealth potential?
  • What impact will financial hardship have on my family? 
  • Does my current protection adequately protect myfamily and business? 
  • Are my business and personal finances structured to build wealth and limit risk?
  • Is my retirement / future really secure?
The Leenane Templeton Financially Well Organised Analysis is a reality check. You find out the truth about where you stand now and in the future. It takes the worry out of your financial position and makes suitable recommendations to protect your wealth. We work with you to review your current personal and business situation in order to protect, grow and maximise your position.
In our experience, many people and businesses grow without changing the structure of their finances, and subsequently may reduce their wealth opportunities. Our aim is to give you peace of mind and the confidence that you aremaximising current opportunities available to you  -protecting you, your family and your business.
"Your decisions today can impact your wealth tomorrow"



Q – I’m in a secure position with good finances and limited risk. Is this process of benefit to me?
A – Although we review your risks we also look at ways to maximise opportunities across all areas of your finances, from improved structures, taxation, superannuation, current reporting, and other relevant areas. Ultimately to build your wealth.
Q – How long does this process take and what do I have to do?
A – Every report is tailored to each client. We meet to review your needs and discuss your current situation. A questionnaire is provided to acquire detailed information and our team work with you to provide a comprehensive report and recommendations. Depending upon your situation the report will usually be available within 1-3 weeks.
Q – Is the report complicated to understand ?
A – The report is designed to be easily understood and is written for you with minimum accounting jargon. It’s also an ideal tool to keep all of your key details in one place for future reference.
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