Corporate Philosophy



  • Make money
  • Have fun
  • No “idiots”
  • No politics
  • Be happy

The five rules encapsulate the way we approach life and business
at Leenane Templeton. Any new member of the team needs to
understand and embrace our philosophy, and the way we think.

Rule 1: Make Money

We are not a charitable organisation. We are a ‘real’ business providing first class services to first class clients.   We are here to make money. Our work ethic is high and our expectations of employees are demanding. However, the rewards for high performance are also high both in monetary and nonmonetary ways.

Rule 2: Have Fun

Laughter, a well developed sense of humour and the ability not to take yourself too seriously are prerequisites to joining our team. Work hard! Enjoy life!

If this is not your cup of tea you may not belong in our team of professionals. The partners of Leenane Templeton are committed to the pursuit of fun, fitness & good health. Making money is important to us, but we balance this with these “lifestyle” goals.

Rule 3: No ‘Idiots’

This speaks for itself. Our definition of “idiot” is:

• No work ethic
• No sense of fun
• No zest for life
• No sense of humour
• No “Freeloaders”
• No sense of honesty, openness and freedom
• No respect for others

We do not seek to employ unhappy, angry, selfish people. We want technically competent people with good communications skills and the clear ability to make a strong contribution to the goals of our business. We want people who display the personal values of integrity, discretion, dedication and persistence.

Rule 4: No Politics

Rule 4 should be a by-product of Rule 3. Nevertheless, we do not seek to employ power-hungry people. Nor do we want gossips or back-stabbers. Direct talk is encouraged and is viewed as positive and productive.  We strive to look at the good in people and not the negatives.

Rule 5: Be Happy!

Happiness, like motivation, is a personal thing. We cannot make people happy and we cannot motivate people, if they lack all desire to achieve these goals. We have adopted the following list of suggestions for improving happiness based on research into the “psychology of happiness”.

Seek work that engages your skills, look to enjoy your job.

It makes sense to do something you enjoy, doing well at work creates happiness, and the easiest way of doing well at work, is doing a job you enjoy.

Take control of your life, set yourself achievable goals.

People are happiest when they achieve their aims, so set yourself goals which stretch you, but are achievable.

Think about what it is you are doing, about the things you want out of life.

Meditate on the good things in life. Most people do not have a habit of thinking about what they want until it is too late. They allow life to overtake them, so take control of your own destiny, or it will be left to chance (or other people).