How do I change accountants

It's vitally important to find the right accounting firm for your business, one that you can build a trusting relationship with to pro-actively help with your personal and business finances.

Many companies stay with the same accountant for years even when they are unhappy with the service simply because they think it's too hard to change. But to what detriment is this having to you and your business?


We make it easy for you…

If you're worried that your current accountant has your paperwork and you're a little embarrassed about ringing them, don't worry. At Leenane Templeton we look after all of that for you and make the switch as easy as possible.

Leenane Templeton will present you with an agreed offering to act as your accountant and tax agent. This is known as 'terms of engagement' or the 'engagement letter'. This outlines the services provided and the associated costs and terms.

Once you accept our terms of engagement, we will send your accountant an ethical letter, this is a standard professional clearance letter sent within the accountancy industry. Your old accountant will forward all of your papers and details to us by courier. Once you authorize us to act on your behalf, you do not need to contact them again.

We will contact you should we have any questions. If you are using our tax service we will register you and your associated entities on our tax agent lodgement program which enables us to access your file at the Australian Taxation Office.

This process doesn't take long and once completed you can start to enjoy the benefits of Leenane Templeton Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors. Please speak with our advisors should you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to welcoming you to our team. 





how to change accountants