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Do you want to understand your company’s position easily and quickly?
To react quickly and knowledgeably to opportunities and threats?
The Leenane Templeton dashboard helps to take immediate control of your cash flow and finances. This graphic snapshot of your company’s situation helps to build more informed strategies, spot problems, focus on important financial issues and takes the hard work out of analysis.
Knowing what goes on in your business is not only good, it is ESSENTIAL. Rather than reviewing pages of accounts imagine having access to one single financial management dashboard that allows you to track your financial well being instantly!
Our aim is to help you make quick and informed decisions that will ultimately grow your business. Having spoken with many business owners we discovered the need to visualise this financial data through a graphic representation tailored to your unique needs.
You don’t drive your car without looking at the dashboard to see how fast you are travelling or whether you have enough fuel, oil, or power.
Our proven Dashboard delivers essential RESULTS for enabling you to chart your direction.
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Q – Our business has a variety of Key Performance Indicators, can the dashboard also help with these?
A – Yes, When it comes to the Business Intelligence Dashboard, “one size does not fit all” we listen to your needs, we listen to your needs, highlight the important areas to monitor in your business and design the dashboard correctly.   And if you dont have key performance indicators our team will help to develop them for the business intelligence dashboard.
Q – I already understand my accounts and have a good grasp of what’s going on in the business, why should I use this?
A – The graphical representation easily highlights trending and enables you to better measure, manage and improve your systems. It saves time, analysis, and our accountant will show you how to see future issues before they arrive.
Q – How often should I use a dashboard?
A – This depends upon your business requirements. Generally the majority of clients who use this add it to their monthly or quarterly accounts, at the basic level it acts as a summary sheet to the business accounts.
Q – Do I need to buy additional software for this?
A – No, Leenane Templeton has developed this within Excel, it’s a simple but effective solution designed to save you money from buying expensive dashboard software.
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