Looking to grow your business

Growth and business success is about change, and successful change is heavily dependent on good preparation and planning. Leenane Templeton help to identify your growth capability, the various options available and any potential for improvements to your business and personal financial structure, minimising risk and maximising profit. After all, you can’t build a house without solid foundations.

Would you like to be able to:

  • Analyse your current position using our “financially well organised” review?
  • Benchmark your business against industry performance data?
  • Identify and develop the key drivers that lead to outstanding business performance?
  • Successfully deliver lasting results for your small/medium sized business?

Discover your growth and profit potential, with a complimentary Business Diagnostic. Call our business accountants and advisors today!

Time for Action

Your business has enormous untapped potential for growth. Our experience suggests that a common set of issues and missed opportunities can often hinder growth. We help your business with a variety of strategies to increase performance.  Once we help identify your key financial drivers we work with you to set both financial and non financial key performance indicators. We help to develop strategic action plans, business plans, budgets for cash and profit, and identify areas requiring specialist advice including HR, Sales, Marketing and IT.

Measure & Monitor

Regular reviews with Leenane Templeton combined with the use of our Business Intelligence Dashboard (BID) help you to monitor your success and take immediate control of your key business drivers and finances. BID’s graphic snapshot highlights your company’s situation and together we build more informed strategies, spot problems and focus on important financial issues to ensure success. In addition, our management accounts analysis enables you to make excellent decisions across all areas of your business including for example; sales, marketing, production, finance, recruitment and team performance.
Are you tired of trying to understand pages of accountant’s figures?

Do you want to understand your business position easily and quickly to deliver bottom line results?

As a natural progression of the business, we have continually enhanced our services which has delighted our clients. They have benefitted from systems that really work!

Leenane Templeton’s strength is helping our clients to grow financially in both their business and personal lives.

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