Avoid common lodgement errors

March 10, 2014

In recent years, the ATO have noticed an increase in the number of invalid objections and withdrawn objections lodged by clients.

In 2012-13, the ATO received over 2,600 invalid objections and 2,800 objections that were lodged and subsequently withdrawn, predominantly because they were unable to be made valid.

This increase in invalid and withdrawn objections is putting a strain on the ATO’s ability to provide timely decisions to clients.

Common errors

The ATO have identified common errors that have resulted in objections being deemed invalid. These include:

• Objections lodged where there are no objection rights, such as
– for shortfall interest charge where no remission decision has been made
– general interest charge
– co-contribution determinations
• Incomplete or missing declarations and missing signatures for objections lodged by fax or post
• Reasons for objections that do not have a sufficient explanation
• Objections lodged after the due date, without providing a clear explanation of the reasons seeking an extension time
• Objections that are lodged despite the ATO not issuing a notice or decision
• Objections that are lodged with a lack of evidence to support the claims being made

Tips to correctly prepare and lodge an objection

The following tips can help to avoid unnecessary delays when preparing and lodging an objection:

• Lodge objections via the Tax Agent or BAS Agent Portal as it ensures that the objection is immediately directed to the appropriate area and removes the need for a signature
• Refer to a tax specialist for expert knowledge on the correct procedures to follow.
• Check the ATO for information

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