Make your business environmentally-friendly

December 1, 2014

Making your business practices more environmentally-friendly can cut costs and give you a marketing boost. Here are a couple of tips to help the planet and your bottom line:

Reduce waste and pollution:

Waste includes something you bought, couldn’t or didn’t sell, and are now disposing of. You’ve been paying for resources you didn’t fully utilise, and whether it’s manufacturing material, excess packaging or just a lot of trash. Reducing your waste is the simplest and most cost-efficient way to reduce your ecological footprint. In most cases, it will actually save you money!

Cut energy use:

If you can produce your products or services or run your operation with less energy consumption, then you’ve not only saved money, you’re also helping the environment. Solar energy for your business is a large upfront investment, but it can pay itself off in just a few years.


That is not just limited to manufacturing plants or operations. Every office discards rubbish bins full of recyclable paper, aluminium (soft drink cans) and plastic (water bottles). Work with your maintenance or cleaning service to ensure there are marked recycling bins throughout your office.

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