Tips to speed up BAS refunds

June 23, 2014

123rf - BAS refundThere are many problems that occur when processing activity statements and tax returns that can lead to a delay in the ATO issuing refunds.

However, these problems are often caused by small issues and can be easily avoided.

Here is a list of tips to help minimise some of the issues that can prevent a speedy tax refund:

• keep personal details, such as postal address, bank details and authorised contacts, updated
• lodge all outstanding activity statements as the ATO are unable to process the refund until they know the extent of the credit
• keep good records and hold onto receipts
• keep the statement clean. This involves not writing notes outside the space provided, do not use symbols and show whole dollar amounts only
• do not double up by lodging both online and in person
• refer to a specialist if the process is complex


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