Holding a great business event

March 11, 2015

great business event

There a number of reasons that you may want to host a great business event on behalf of your business.

For example, you might be holding the launch for a new product, farewelling a staff member, or hosting an educational event.

Events such as these can be a great chance to network, and also to publicise your business. However, you should always tread carefully when hosting an event, as it can be all too easy to damage your company’s reputation.

Here are some tips for hosting a great event on behalf of your business:

• Make sure that you get your invitations out in plenty of time, and specify the date by which you would like people to RSVP. If you do this you will maximise the chances that people will be able to attend, and also finalise the guest list in plenty of time to confirm catering and ensure you have an appropriately sized venue.
• Put a lot of consideration into any presentations and speeches that will be made. You should think of everything that is said at such events as a direct reflection on your business. Staff members should be briefed on appropriate behaviour, and you should proofread all presentations.
• Refrain from making hard sales pitches. Making a hard sales pitch at an event that your business is hosting can come off as tacky, or even a little desperate. Instead, use the event to promote yourself in more subtle ways, for example by discussing your plans for the future.

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