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January 5, 2015

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In order to survive and thrive, entrepreneurs and small business owners need to work on their business strategies and keep up-to-date with current  business trends.

You should always be aiming to learn new techniques to improve your business. Here are some lessons that can help small businesses stay relevant and survive:

Helping customers find you online

One of the most common ways that people now find businesses is using mobile phone or tablet applications. You should make sure that your business information is as up-to-date as possible in these apps, and on any websites that help people find businesses in a specific area. Use these sites as a platform from which to promote services, products, business hours, contact information and special offers.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing may represent a way to overcome any business functions that are inefficient and costly. This internet service is considered a cost effective and productive tool for small businesses. Cloud computing can be used to manage e-newsletters, payrolls and in-house email.

Business plan presentation techniques

If you are looking to find investors and make money, it is essential to consider how to present a business plan effectively. Investors are now likely to want to see a short electronic slide presentation before a written business plan.

Carefully consider the information included in these slides and if necessary learn new digital media skills in order to achieve the desired impact. Putting a little effort into improving your public speaking techniques is also advisable.

Social responsibility

Business owners and entrepreneurs may have goals beyond making money. The ‘triple bottom line’ refers to striving for a positive outcome for the planet, people and profits. It is important for business, whether large or small, to consider their social responsibilities and how their business practices impact the environment. Many businesses are now seeking ways to be more sustainable and to contribute to the community.

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