Are you selling your products on Pinterest?

January 18, 2016

Are you selling your products on Pinterest? If so let us know your thoughts on whether it’s a worthwhile platform for you.

Pinterest may be of interest for your business marketing, but it’s not for everyone.  If you haven’t looked at Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy then it’s certainly worth considering it. That’s not to say it’s right for every business but don’t ignore this social media marketing tool. Every business has a story to tell, and visual content easily captures the eye. Share your story, products or services on Pinterest through eye catching photos to get noticed and create interest in what you do.

Visual marketing is trending and it’s not just a fad; it’s here to stay. Most businesses that have realized the importance of Pinterest are reaping the fruits of it. This is a dynamic social media site where photos are the focal point and sharing is part of what makes the site so great for marketing to your audience.

The Aussie Market

There are said to be around 100 million global users of Pinterest. In Australia Pinterest has far lower unique monthly users than Facebook and Twitter, however 325,000* unique monthly users is not insignificant. (*according to at July 2015). Pinners care more about design and aesthetics than most other internet users.

Pinterest users are online buyers

According to the Wall Street Journal survey 52% of roughly 1,500 active Pinterest users agreed that the site helps them find items they want to buy, with over 60% of participants identifying as “Millennial Moms”.

Know your target audience

According to RJMetrics analysis in 2014, 80 percent of Pinterest users are female. Beyond this, more than 90 percent of all pins are created/shared by women. However according to Pinterest the demographics are slowly changing with a slight increase in sign ups from men during 2015. Since women are still the majority of users on this site, you can determine whether your time spent marketing on this site will be of any significance to your business, but don’t ignore the male percentage as this is still a sweet target audience for the right business.

Using Pinterest – Interact with other users

Interaction with other Pinterest users cannot be overemphasized. Repin their posts if you can.

This will increase familiarity as Pinterest encourages more intimate interaction than certain other social media types. Furthermore, when you repin post of other users, they will repin your posts too which drives more traffic to your blog since their audience will be able to access your site.

Look for inspiration from other pinners

If you cannot come up with new ideas, go through different boards to see what others are pinning so that you can get inspired. If somebody is repining your pins, then you have something in common in their boards and may be able to get a few marketing ideas from theirs.

Organize your Pinterest boards properly

Pinterest is not like your facebook page where you can post different things in a chronological order. By letting you create different boards each from different categories for your product or services, your users can view what they are only interested in. It makes it easier for them.

Just add some creativity and ensure that you link your pins to relevant and engaging content to get more potential sales.

Don’t think like an advertiser

Most active users on Pinterest will click on pins that lead to blog posts or articles and then through to a website. What the users are seeking is content that’s engaging. Furthermore, it’s not a surprise that the common topics on this platform are those that are visual, such as

  • beauty
  • crafts
  • food
  • fashion
  • décor
  • holidays

Still, not all businesses that are on the platform will offer products and services that are related to such kind of topics.

It’s important to limit your posting frequency. Excessive pinning may annoy your audience while too little may make them forget about you. Come up with a posting schedule and see how your audience reacts.

Most importantly have fun, get creative and be different. Do some research to see whether your use of Pinterest is increasing awareness and sales for your products or services.

Are you using Pinterest in your business? Let us know your thoughts and whether it’s working well for you.

Article written by Harlan Marriott at Leenane Templeton and first published on Marketing Desk


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