Payroll Tax Scam

March 10, 2015

HOAX WARNING: Payroll Tax Emails & Malware

The NSW Office of State Revenue (OSR) is aware of a fake scam targeting payroll tax clients. OSR advise that if you receive an email that is not from an official OSR email address, do not open any links and just delete it.

Businesses have reported receiving scam emails threatening penalties for unpaid payroll tax, including a link to a fake NSW Office of State Revenue webpage which will infect peoples computers if accessed.

Chief Commissioner of State Revenue Tony Newbury has warned that the emails contain a very malicious virus (Cryptolocker Virus) that can destroy all files on the computer until a ransom of between $500-$700 was paid.

These latest scam emails are coming from an email address “ ”

Should you have any questions or queries please call our office or visit the OSR website for updates. 







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