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August 14, 2015

business plan

Over my years helping many business owners as an accounting professional I have been involved with many business owners. At year end or first time client meetings one of the first questions I ask is, “Do you have a business plan?”. Many of them say yes and point to their head and typically that’s where it stays. It’s not shared with their staff or anyone else who is involved in the business trying make it grow and increase profitability.

You may have been in business for many years, maybe a few months or you may be you’re just starting a business. At what point do you need a business plan? A lot of business owners only do a business plan when they are asking for funding or at the next stage of their business and need to show an external party their thoughts.

From day one all businesses should have a business plan which ebbs and flows with the environment that the business is involved with.

I find it very interesting that a business can run at any time without an intention plan. Let me just explain the wording…….an intention plan. A business plan is your intention for the next 5, 10 etc years. Makes sense right?

There is something that few people know or take notice of. That your mind is the most powerful asset you have. Your thoughts drive everything that comes to you, all the way down to who you meet and what happens to you.

This is called attraction or vibrational attraction. How you are, brings to you, people and happenings which match your vibration or your underlying thoughts.

If your thoughts are your intention then having completed on a piece of paper or in a document, sets in stone your intention for the next period of time.

Think of the old saying……… If you think you can’t, you’re right. If you think you can, you’re right. So even psychology plays a part in business planning.

When you are going through the process of creating a business plan, any thoughts or beliefs that you were unaware of can stop you from getting through the plan. It’s easy to identify where the blocks are. They are the places, where you get blocked in creating the business plan, simple. E.g. If you are trying to identify the type of client you are targeting for marketing and you can’t identify this person via where they live, whether they are married or single, do they go to the gym, do they have children what suburb might they live in and how much do they earn.

This would denote that you are having difficulty identifying with
a) who you want to sell to and
b) that part of yourself which can’t connect with the client.

This is good. It brings out pertinent points that you will not be aware of. Then it is a matter of sitting with a business plan consultant to dig out the reasons, you are not able to connect.

The plan itself, is to create an intention holistically. The What, Why and How. What do you desire. Why do you want to run the business and the How, Action steps/timelines.

It is those who have a business plan and have unraveled any blocks, who will excel in business and have their intentions and desires met by a very simple process.

Remember, Intention is everything.

To discuss your business planning speak with David Anderson – Business Services Manager at Leenane Templeton, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors.  David has extensive experience in business advising and business planning and for the last 10 years has helped business owners create plans for new and existing businesses. David has also, been studying the human mind in depth and is extremely well qualified to help “dig out” any thoughts and beliefs which would hinder a great business plan and a great thriving and profitable business.

Call Leenane Templeton on (02) 4926 2300 and discuss your business plan TODAY!

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